vineri, 1 martie 2013

un poem - Chuck Norris

Chiar ați crezut? :) E doar o parodie scrisă de lologerad.

You can't find Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris finds you
He once visited the virgin islands
When he left they were just called the island... It's true

Another time a cop pulled Chuck Norris  over
The cop was lucky to leave with a warning
Chuck is here by night but leaves Before morning

He actually died 20 years ago
death hasn't built up the courage to tell him... 'maybe tomorrow?'
Some magicians can walk on water
Chuck Norris can swim through land
There was once a street called Chuck Norris, but crossing Chuck Norris was banned.  

Chuck Norris never had one baby tooth
He never lies, whatever comes out of his mouth is automatically the truth
When Chuck Norris does push ups, he doesn't push himself up, he pushes the earth down
He is not Chinese but Chuck Norris invented Chinatown
There is no definition of Chuck Norris, he is only a noun. 

Chuck Norris's can hop higher than a kangaroo
His daily exercise is running from here to Timbuktu
Chuck Norris doesn't 'meet up' he rendezvous
You can't find Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris finds you

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